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Ellie Chun



Ellie is an esthetician and a laser technician with 12 years of skin care experience.


She has a Master’s Degree in Cosmetology from Konkuk University in South Korea.

She also studied at the School of Christine Valmy in New York and later worked at New York Laser Clinic where she focused on medical skin care.

In South Korea, she began her career as an esthetician by working at a dermatology /

plastic surgery hospital in Gangnam, one of the busiest and most established cities for

beauty in Korea.


She was also a clinical researcher at the Korea Institution of Dermatological Science

where she tested skin care products and wrote her thesis on the effectiveness of beauty products.


Ellie loves her job as an esthetician and hopes to let her clients know more about

Korean Beauty treatment. Since it is not well known in Colorado, she strives to be a

pioneer of modern skin care throughout the state.


She promises to provide the best care and dedication to each and every client that

comes to SLA Medical Spa so you can be more confident in your appearance.

Ellie Chun

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